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Lacee Loomis

Having grown up on Barkley Lake near the beautiful water-front properties, Lacee Loomis was introduced to real estate at a young age. She has fond memories of being with her dad at his various construction sites, so it was no surprise when she acquired a real estate license. Lacee attended Murray State University with a major in business administration and a minor in real estate, leading her into this natural career choice. Lacee’s passion for real estate pairs well with her love of traveling and meeting new people, helping her relate to clients from all parts of the country. When Lacee was looking for a real estate company to partner with, she chose to join the MarketHouse team for many reasons. She enjoys the inviting atmosphere at MarketHouse and how the agents are community focused. Lacee brings great character, enthusiasm, and friendship to the MarketHouse family; and she will use the same qualities with each of her clients as they navigate the real estate market.
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