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Neena Salazar is a life-long resident of Murray with generations of family rooted in this community.  After working in the banking industry, Neena found a niche in real estate when she was able to couple her love of architecture and design with her love of meeting and helping people.  Even during a pandemic, Neena is a $4 million producer! Her favorite thing about her career is matching clients with homes and assisting them, whether they are relocating from across the country or across the street.  Neena formed a relationship with Principal Broker Cheryl Roberts early in her career and joined MarketHouse, excited at the opportunities a new agency holds.  Neena loves being part of building a new brand and has found the supportive, family-like atmosphere at MarketHouse a huge part of her success.  Neena and MarketHouse are the perfect match—welcoming, helpful, and passionate about making your dreams come true! When not assisting her clients, Neena and her husband, Alex, can be found enjoying one of our area’s greatest attractions— boating, hiking, and kayaking at the lake. They are also avid concert goers and love to travel.
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