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Ray Roberts has always been an important part of MarketHouse Realty, but now he’s not only the owner but also a licensed Kentucky agent! Ray has been an integral part of MarketHouse since its inception, so it’s only natural that he should join his wife Broker Cheryl Roberts in the actual buying, selling, and management of property. Ray has a wealth of knowledge about the real estate world and 13 years of experience in property management. He has master’s and bachelor’s degrees from Murray State University and is the Environmental, Health, Safety and Security Manager at Vanderbilt Chemicals, Inc. Ray is dedicated, decisive, and dependable and will handle your real estate needs with the same diligence he has put into every area of his personal and professional life. The MarketHouse success has always been due to the partnership of Ray and Cheryl, and now it only grows stronger as Ray officially joins the MarketHouse team as a licensed agent!
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