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Wende Holzschuh

Wende is the welcome addition to MarketHouse Realty PLLC, bringing more than 25 years of experience in sales and dedication to her clients! For the last 20+ years, Wende held a variety of roles at Parker Ford Lincoln, where she started as the first woman in sales. She quickly transitioned to launching the internet sales and most recently served as General Manager. Prior to joining the auto industry, Wende held roles at Lowe’s Home Improvement, Sears and The Murray Ledger & Times. Wende graduated from Calloway County High School and has lived in Murray for nearly 50 years. Outside of her robust work ethic, Wende has a passion for helping people and serving others. She serves at her local church, where she met broker Cheryl Roberts and co-owner Ray Roberts. Wende has a passion for sharing the Gospel locally and internationally. In her free time, Wende enjoys boating, running, and spending time with her family – son Tyler and his wife Lindsay; daughter Chelsea; and four grandchildren Mila, Klein, Rupp, and Ford!
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